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Having a reliable and well managed IT network and infrastructure is vital for the smooth running of your business, helping you save time and therefore money. If you’re running a small business in Folkestone – Shepway, chances are there are too many things to do and not enough people to do them, so an outsourced IT partner that takes care of your day to day needs is ideal.  We’ve helped many small businesses in Folkestone choose their IT equipment and plan effectively for disaster recovery.

At Folkestone Computers we recognise that smaller businesses often don’t have a dedicated IT person on hand, so offer support for this instead.   We can come on site, evaluate your current set up and advise you on every aspect of your IT requirements.

Call Folkestone Computers today on 01303 894152, for further advice on how we can work with you to plan your IT & support your business in Folkestone & Shepway.